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Lincoln Downtown


7 Things to Do in Lincoln Downtown, Nebraska

Lincoln is one of Nebraska’s lesser-known towns for international tourists, but it has a lot to offer to them in terms of natural beauty and entertainment. The downtown area of Lincoln is a great place to explore for visitors. The down has a history, stays modern, and offers the adventure that any traveler would love to do. When you are in Lincoln Downtown, here is what you can do.

Explore the Sunken Gardens

The beautiful gardens bloom tulips every spring season in Lincoln. Sunken Gardens are spread across this small city. The Perennial Garden, the White Garden, n and the Annual Garden are the three best gardens under the Sunken Gardens.

Sunken Gardens

Visit the memorial stadium

Football fans cannot miss visiting the Memorial Stadium and be a part of the supportive fans to enjoy games. During off-seasons, the university offers a tour around the stadium, explaining its structures. You can take the help of a guide or use the brochure to explore the stadium yourself.

Visit the Nebraska State Capitol

Lincoln is also the state capital of Nebraska. The skyscraper-style Capitol building in Lincoln is always open for visitors. You can get free guided tours around the building with well-informed staffers. You can admire the architecture, mosaics, and murals around the building or go to the 14th floor to get an eagle-eye view of the city.

Nebraska State Capitol

Visit the museum of American Speed

If you are a car fanatic, you can explore American Speed’s history in the best racing Museum in the country. The museum is known to have the largest collection of racing engines from different timelines. You can take the help of a guide or explore the museum yourself.

Explore the historic Haymarket district

You cannot miss the Haymarket area of the district having the famous Haymarket Square in the center. You can shop around the place, eat at some classic restaurants, and learn about history just by exploring the streets. It is a perfect place to roam around with your family on a warm afternoon.

historic Haymarket district

Visit the Mueller Planetarium

After visiting the market, you can go to the Mueller Planetarium in the evening to watch a laser show. The Mueller Planetarium is in the same building as the State Museum. The show explains the Space Age story, night skies of Nebraska, and even deep-sea exploration laser shows.

Hire through the trails

You can take the MoPac Trail to go on a hiking trip. The MoPac Trail is the old railroad corridors that have now become a trail for hikers. Since this trail follows the old Missouri Pacific Omaha beltline, it gets the name MoPac. You can choose to walk or bike through the trails to have a day in the woods. During the winter, you can also find cross-country ski options on the MoPac Trail.